Welcome to a new FruitLook portal!

At first sight, everything looks different, and that is exactly what happened. The entire layout is new, the data behind it is exactly what you are used to. We will explain some of the most used and important parts of the portal, detailed information, and an entire run-through can be found here in a tutorial. 

First, the landing page, shown above: you can log in here if you already have an account, create one if you are new, or view the demo blocks to get an idea of FruitLook before you join. 

After logging in you will find a spatial overview of your fields, you can use the colour coding for a quick scan regarding the selected parameter in the top or move to one field in particular by selecting it on the left side. The colour coding visible on this page compares values of the same crops with each other. For example, It tells you if your apples on block A are relatively higher or lower or similar in performance to block B apples. Block C with pears is not in this comparison. 

When selecting the list logo in the lower-left on your spatial overview page you move to the list overview. It shows numerical data on all parameters for the selected week (middle-lower bar). 
If you select 2 or more fields you can compare them on another screen. The colour coding visible on this page is only comparing the same crops as well. 

When comparing fields you can choose the parameter you want to compare, you do this before you end up at the comparison page. Ones on this page you can change it in the top middle bar. 
Their are two comparisons possible; spatial (Fields) and numerical (Graph).