Applications: crop monitoring and smart sampling/zonation of your block

Biomass production [kg / ha]

  • The total dry matter increase of your crop in kg/ha/week. This includes roots, shoots, fruits, twigs, leaves, and all in between (including cover crops!). Biomass production is influenced by crop management, conditions, and climatic circumstances. Biomass production fluctuates during the growing season, being lower at the start and building up towards harvest. 
  • Kilogram droë plantmateriaal wat weekliks per hektaar geproduseer word. Dit sluit in blare, stamme, jong lote, vrugte, wortels asook dekgewasse en onkruid indien teenwoordig.
  • You can find more information on using the Biomass Production in our tutorial by clicking HERE

Leaf Area Index (LAI) [-]

  • A snapshot of the area of canopy compared to the area of soil. Literally the green leaf area per unit of ground surface area. 
  • Blik op digtheid van blaardekking vergeleke met grondgebied.

Vegetation Index (NDVI) [-]

  • The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index is an indicator of the vitality of your crop. It shows how vigorously your crop is growing by focussing on chlorophyll content and the cell structure of leaves. Higher values mean stronger growth.
  • De Plantegroei-indeks toon hoe geil die gewas groei: hoër waardes dui op beter groei.
  • You can find more information on using the Vegetation Index in our tutorial by clicking HERE

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