Fruitlook Team

Where FruitLook provides satellite imagery to local farmers, our FruitLook Team are our feet on the ground. For training, on-farm support, development of new services based on FruitLook data, research opportunities and any other ideas or questions you might have we are available to assist you!


eLEAF ( is a Dutch high-tech company that pioneers in operational satellite-based solutions. eLEAF data products are used to assess land and water productivity for sustainable agricultural and water management practices worldwide. The ambition is to become the global reference for operational and reliable high-quality data on crop growth and water use.

eLEAF provides the FruitLook data products and FruitLook portal and works in close cooperation with the South African FruitLook Team. eLEAF is represented by Jessica Snoek.

  • Jessica has a BSc and MSc in International Land and Water Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Jessica is the first point of contact for FruitLook in eLEAF. She is supported by a multitude of colleagues responsible for data production, website development, application development, and agronomic support. She can be reached via

Blue North Sustainability is the in-country implementation partner of eLEAF focussed on delivering the FruitLook service to users and stakeholders in the Western Cape. Based in Stellenbosch, Blue North is a specialist consulting practice focused on supporting farmers, agri-businesses and agricultural supply-chains in the implementation of sustainability-related strategies and programs. Having an in-depth understanding of the local complexities in the agricultural sector in the Western Cape Province and a team of experts in the field of agriculture, Blue North is well equipped to provide support to all FruitLook’s users and thereby ensuring the most valuable user experience.

Dianca Yssel leads the FruitLook team for Blue North. She can be contacted at

  • For any queries or support requirements, you can contact our FruitLook Support Desk by phone at 066 212 2211 or via email at