Frequently Asked Questions

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FruitLook tutorials

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Full FruitLook tutorial

How do I register?

Subscription/registration is for free:    

1. Visit

2. Click the orange button "Register for free" at the left of your screen. Provide the contact details of your company. All fields with a * are obligatory. Address details are used for orientation on the maps only, for your own convenience you can register under the physical address of your farm. Choose a password and click "Save".

3. You receive an email with a link. Click this link and a screen opens in your browser. You are registered as a user at  and also directly logged in with the provided email address and password.

After registration I receive the message "email address in use". What to do?

This message indicates that you or someone else already registered with the same email address. If you want to create a new account, you need to use another email address. If you want to use the current email address but lost your password, please click the button "lost password?". Your password will be sent to your email address.

I lost my login details. What can I do?

Your login details are your email address and a password. If you know your email address but forgot your password, click the button "lost password?". Your password will be sent to your email address. If you do not remember the email adress, please sent an email with your company details to  We will send you the correct email address.

Does FruitLook save my data of previous years?

The data of your blocks of previous seasons remain available on  for free. To see the data of previous years, you need to go to the MyField Overview page and choose another year. You can also use the FieldAnalyse page to compare data of previous years with the current year. Please notice that 2012 refers to the season of October 2012 until April 2013.

How do I change my password?

In your account at  you can find a button "My details". Here you can change the details and choose another password.

I changed email address. How do I change this?

You can change your email-address in the Details page of your account. When you change your email address, you will receive a confirmation email on your new email address. You have to press the link in this email to confirm your changed email address. This also means your login name changes to your new email address.

If you have issues using this functionality, please contact us via

One of my blocks is not correctly drawn on FruitLook. How to solve this?

You can modify your block at the block detail page.To go to this page, go to MyFields, and select the block you want to change. Go to the map that shows the parameter. Right above this map you find a button "edit". Click this button to change the boundaries of your block. As you are charged per hectare, the number of modifications you can make, are only limited. To make larger changes, you need to draw the block again and make a new purchase.

For which areas is FruitLook available?

FruitLook covers all major agricultural areas in the Western Cape. If your farm is located outside our coverage, please send us an email. Although we cannot change our coverage in-season we might be able to do so in-between seasons.

I did not register with FruitLook but I want to see how FruitLook works. Is this possible?

Yes. At the home page of FruitLook you can find a button "View Demo Blocks". Click this button to test FruitLook for a number of demonstration blocks. All information available at FruitLook is available for the demonstration blocks. If you want information of your own farm, you need to subscribe to the FruitLook service.

How do I remove my blocks?

There is no need to remove blocks from your account. Blocks of previous years are automatically stored so you can always revisit the information.It is currently not possible yet to remove a block.

Other questions?

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